Tuesday, May 27


CLASSROOM WORKSHOP -- with Ian Dudley, aka the Lego Guy came in to show our ECE students how to use Lego with children.

Environments and Programming with School Age Children – Algonquin College.  Ottawa. Canada.

He had the students get into pairs to encourage cooperation and idea sharing  - something he encouraged the students to do with children.

Take time . . .get down on the floor . . . sit a the table . . . explain . . . give ideas . . . let them take over

He had the students practice making a strong base.  An important skill to transfer to the children so their structures are strong, and do not frustrate them by breaking apart mid build. 

He demonstrated and had the students build pullies and wheels so they can help children build the same later.

Centre storage and easy access is easy to do and important. 
Storage (2).JPG
Teachers, be creative with storage – display and building projects.
All three are done here with a table, a big wooden tray and a plastic storage bin.
Lego table display.JPG
Small pieces can be contained in smaller trays that hold entire projects and pieces.
Mosaics are a great table top quiet activity.
Mini Lego.JPG
Lego trays are a great way to keep the pieces together and accessible and easy to use
Mini Lego table.JPG
Add a variety of elements to the Lego and building area