Tuesday, January 13


With half of the school year already behind us, and the holiday break gloriously over, parents and school age children have turned their thoughts back to the completion of nightly homework. 

With today's busy, multitasked households, getting homework done can be a challenge, and ensuring that children develop good study habits equally difficult.

Fortunately there are some key ways that parents can help children help themselves develop good study habits that can last a lifetime.

RECRUIT A HIGH ACHIEVING CLASSMATE who can sit down and complete homework with your child once or twice a week.  Sit with the children, or stay close by to monitor progress.

BE CLEAR about when homework will start and end.  Use a clock, a timer, an hourglass or some other timing device.

SIT DOWN WITH THE CHILD at the start and end of the homework time.  It will help keep the child on track.  Let the child pursue their work for a while and then help them bring the work period to a close.

·         One: Clear the workspace of all distractions. 
·         Two:  Collect all homework items.
·         Three:  Review the assignment(s) and make a short list of what to do.

HIGHLIGHT THE INSTRUCTIONS of the assignment.  Help the child find the words like: read, list, write down, colour in etc.  All the written clues as how to complete the assignment.

REVIEW everything with the child when they are down.