Sunday, February 19

'EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN' - One veteran teacher's reflection in times of change

For me the above saying reflects the changes that are occurring within the profession of Early Childhood Educators.

There is a renewed emphasis on the whole child.  How early learning involves the total child.  This is a time for educators to stop and reflect on their practices.

Reflection is an important tool/skill for an early childhood educator to develop.  Reflection occurs through strong and accurate observation.  Reflection gives an educator the time to evaluate the curriculum and activities provided for the young children in the program.  When this reflection occurs the activities and curriculum are either validated or changes need to be made that reflect the children's true interest.

Once this reflection occurs real early learning can begin and facilitated.  By tapping into the children's interests then a play based learning environment can provide an authentic learning experience for young children.

A play based learning environment for young children enriches all aspects of a child's development.  Upon reflection an educator will be able to address all of the developmental areas of young children.  With reflection an educator will be able to provide interactive materials and scenarios where young children can learn.

Reflection can be seen as a “mirror” for an early childhood educator.  The children and the early learning environment is the reflection in the mirror.  The mirror will reflect back to the educator if their curriculum and activities are what the children need, desire and want.

“Everything old is new again” is the past reflecting on the present.

Guest post from: M. Roslyn Walker
Veteran toddler teacher
Riverparkway Children's Centre, Ottawa

25 years and counting . . . .